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News Releases

News Releases are distributed to construction trade publications throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as some foreign countries. They are designed to inform the entire construction industry of noteworthy news such as new products, personnel changes, new dealer developments, special events, and interesting or unique job applications.

An approved news release and a good photo is submitted to various domestic and international magazines, as well as the appropriate regional magazine. Frequently, releases are edited because of space restrictions, however, they are published free of charge.

Scheduling of news releases rests entirely with the individual magazine’s editor and as a result, the same news release may appear in one magazine one month and another magazine 6 months later.

2018 News Releases
6-29-2018 LBX Company Celebrates Groundbreaking for Customer Experience Center
6-27-2018 Link-Belt 2D Grade Control Technology Improves Productivity and Accuracy of 210 X4 Hydraulic Excavator
4-3-2018 LBX Raises $47,500 for American Heart Association’s "Life is Why We Give" Campaign
2-1-2018 Factory-Built Link-Belt® 350 X4 Long Front Excavator Delivers More Performance and Fuel Efficiency
1-25-2018 LBX Supports American Heart Association's "Life is Why We Give" Campaign in February
2017 News Releases
9-5-2017 Link-Belt 145 X4 MSR Excavator Delivers Performance and Versatility in Confined Work Spaces
3-22-2017 LBX Raises $48,500 for American Heart Association's Life is Why We Give Campaign
3-21-2017 Link-Belt 250X4 Excavator Wins Good Design Award
3-20-2017 Link-Belt 750 X4 Excavator Delivers Superior Digging Force and Faster Cycle Times for Demanding Applications
2016 News Releases
11-2-2016 New Link-Belt 4640 & 5040 Forestry Machines Now Available
8-8-2016 LBX Company Welcomes Back DLL as a Preferred Financing Partner
6-16-2016 Purpose-Built Link-Belt 380 X4 Material Handler Delivers More Performance and Productivity
2-1-2016 Link-Belt 160 X4 Excavator Delivers More Performance and Productivity
1-21-2016 Link-Belt 210 X4 Excavator Delivers More Performance and Productivity
2015 News Releases
7-1-2015 LBX Company Announces LBX Capital
6-1-2015 LBX Company Announces Director, Marketing and Communication
3-17-2015 New Link-Belt 4040 TL Forestry Machine Now Available
1-19-2015 Parts Dealer of Excellence Award Winners Announced
2014 News Releases
11-12-2014 New Link-Belt X4 Excavators Now Available
11-10-2014 Link-Belt 145X3 and WAVES Win Design Awards
6-25-2014 LBX Dig Deep 5K Run/Walk for Pulmonary Fibrosis
4-16-2014 Bil-Jim Construction and Jersey Rents Prevail in Charity Auction for Excavator
4-1-2014 Link-Belt Excavators Now Equipped with RemoteCARE? Telematics System
2-3-2014 LBX Parts Dealer of Excellence Award Winners Announced
2013 News Releases
11-11-2013 LBX Company Recipient of Governor's Award for International Trade Excellence
11-5-2013 LBX Company Organization Announcement
9-18-2013 New Link-Belt? 75 X3 & 80 X3 Spin Ace Excavators Now Available
9-16-2013 LBX Company and Partequipos Win Bid to Supply 52 Hydraulic Excavators to Colombian Government
7-29-2013 LBX Company Announces New President and CEO
7-10-2013 LBX Dig Deep 5K Run/Walk for Hospice
2-27-2013 Bennett Equipment and Supply Named New Link-Belt Excavator Dealer
2-22-2013 LBX Parts Dealer of Excellence Award Winners Announced
2-21-2013 Van Keppel Company Named Link-Belt Excavator Dealer
1-11-2013 LBX Restructures North American Marketing and Sales Organization
2012 News Releases
8-25-2012 Conaker Equipment Ltd. Named Link-Belt Excavator Dealer
6-26-2012 Link-Belt? 235 X3 Spin Ace Excavator Now Available
4-19-2012 210 X3 Series Excavator Press Release
4-9-2012 Top Lift Enterprises Inc. Named Link-Belt Earthmoving and Material Handling Dealer
3-26-2012 LBX Dealer of Excellence Annoucement
2-6-2012 LBX do Brasil Set to Distribute Full Line of Link-Belt Excavators to Brazilian Marketplace
2011 News Releases
8-8-2011 LBX Announces Management Changes
7-11-2011 Ed Gerber Joins LBX as General Manager for
International Business
5-18-2011 Heavy Machines, Inc. Named Link-Belt Earthmoving
and Material Handling Dealer in Memphis, TN
5-9-2011 LBX Company Establishes Subsidiary in Sao Paulo, Brazil
5-5-2011 LBX Company Revamps Organizational Structure
2010 News Releases
10-14-2010 Bane Machinery, Inc. and George P. Bane, Inc.
Named Link-Belt Earthmoving and
Material Handling Dealer in North Texas
8-30-2010 TMM Equipment Inc. Named Link-Belt Earthmoving
and Material Handling Dealer in New Brunswick
5-10-2010 Sumitomo (S.H.I.) Construction Co., Ltd. Acquires
100% Ownership of LBX Company
5-03-2010 Link-Belt 360 X2 Rubber-Tired MH Machine
2009 News Releases
4-09-2009 Introducing the NEW LBX Fluid Analysis Program
2-09-2009 LBX Company Supports Construction Challenge Regional Rally
1-09-2009 Wilfred Schnell Joins LBX as Latin American Business Manager
1-08-2009 Link-Belt 240 X2 MH Specialty Machine
2008 News Releases
9-30-2008 Harvell Named Director for AEM
8-26-2008 LBX Company Names New Vice President and CFO
6-24-2008 LBX Partners with Equipment Web Services to Grow Dealer Network’s Web Presence
1-30-2008 Link-Belt 210 X2 Wins Awards for Fuel Effi ciency and Design