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X2 forestry series

Forestry Equipment

Built for Logging

Link-Belt X2 Forestry machines are rugged and dependable. They are built to tackle a range of applications including road building, processing, shovel logging and log loading. Our X2 machines feature powerful, fuel-efficient Tier 3 Isuzu engines, and offer great serviceability, with easy access to filters and sample ports. Our comfortable and spacious forestry cabs provide great visibility and safety for the operator. All these features add up to equipment that will survive and thrive in the toughest woods in North America, season after season.

Choose the size and configuration that fits your needs.

X2 Forestry Series

210 X2 Forestry 68,287 lbs. 28.3 metric tons
210 X2 Forestry 68,287 lbs. 28.3 metric tons
210 X2 Processor 68,383 lbs. 28.2 metric tons
210 X2 Road Builder 64,739 lbs. 29.3 metric tons
240 X2 Forestry 80,140 lbs. 36.4 metric tons
240 X2 Processor 62,390 lbs. 28.3 metric tons
290 X2 Forestry 82,620 lbs. 39.5 metric tons
290 X2 Processor 82,620 lbs. 36.3 metric tons
350 X2 Forestry 100,548 lbs. 45.3 metric tons
370 X2 Forestry 107,432 lbs. 48.7 metric tons