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Grade Control

Grade Control Technology Improves Productivity and Accuracy

Grade control technology is changing the face of the construction industry and is enabling contractors to achieve unprecedented results of productivity, efficiency, quality and material cost savings among other benefits. Add Link-Belt 2D Machine Guidance (MG) to maintain a consistent grade and depth control for all projects. Choose Link-Belt 2D Machine Control (MC) for semiautonomous digging; operator controls the speed of the stick while the boom and bucket automatically adjust to maintain the target grade.

2D MG and 2D MC enable operators to increase their productivity by up to 50% by providing them with the information they need and functionality they’ve never had before.

Available now for use with Link-Belt 210 X4 excavators.

2D Machine Guidance (MG)

2D Machine Guidance

2D MG leverages the existing machine monitor and eliminates clutter inside the cab.

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2D Machine Control (MC)

2D Machine Control

The Link-Belt 2D Machine Control (MC) system enables operators to dramatically improve their productivity and accuracy.

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