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Link-Belt excavators by LBX Company are especially suited to the rigorous work of laying pipe. They have been time-tested on pipeline jobs for municipalities, developers and the energy sector across North America for decades, and have proven to be efficient, productive and durable excavators.

Fuel-efficient workhorses, Link-Belt excavators by LBX will save you thousands of dollars in fuel costs per year – money that can be put right toward your bottom line. Additionally, with superior productivity and their excellent lift capacities, jobs will get done quicker so you can move on to your next project. And you won’t have to worry about downtime with Link-Belt excavators – their proven durability keeps them in the field working, and routine maintenance is easy with ground-level access to remote located filters.

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Model # Operating Weight Net hp @ rpm Bucket Capacity
210 X3 47,840 lbs. 160 hp @ 1,800 rpm 0.61 - 1.75 cu. yd.
300 X3 65,918 lbs. 207 hp @ 1,800 rpm 0.76 - 2.43 cu. yd.
350 X3 80,028 lbs. 266 hp @ 1,900 rpm 1.08 - 2.93 cu. yd.
470 X3 111,554 lbs. 329 hp @ 2,000 rpm 1.37 - 4.05 cu. yd.