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X3 & X2 Series Excavators

X3 & X2 Link-Belt excavators by LBX are durable, productive, fuel-efficient and serviceable. This is good for you and good for your customers. Heavy-duty Link-Belt excavators stand up to the most severe applications. Features like chrome pins, brass bushings, X-pattern carbody frame, heavy-duty attachment, and more keep the Link-Belt excavators where they belong – on the jobsite working.

Not only are they durable, but they work efficiently and productively, keeping your customers happy because they need less fuel while filling more trucks. The X3 series use at least 5% - 10% less fuel than our already efficient X2 machines, and they also have three idle modes to help eliminate fuel waste. One-touch idle, auto-idle, and now the all new auto-idle shutdown mode are all designed to keep more money in contractors’ pockets and more fuel in the machine.

Link-Belt excavators feature fewer maintenance intervals than our competitors, so your machine is on the jobsite and not in the shop. Ease of service is achieved with ground-level access to all filters, making filter changes quick and easy. X3-series Link-Belt excavators improve serviceability through the full-color 7” LED monitor. Through the top-of-the-line monitor, operators have direct access to machine controls, as well as machine setup and the ability to track service interval times on 13 different items. A new fuel consumption gauge and full color rear-view camera are all standard and viewable right on the screen. An additional side-view camera is available, too, for added safety and visibility.

The Link-Belt X3 series also feature the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly Isuzu engine ever used. An all-new cooling package helps to keep the engine running cool and smooth while a redesigned cooled EGR system takes hot exhaust gases and cools it down so it can be mixed with fresh air before being reintroduced into the combustion process; thus helping to reduce harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx). The new variable-geometry turbo (VGT) helps to keep the combustion process optimized during low engine rpm´s and the addition of a diesel particulate diffuser (DPD) helps to reduce particulate matter (PM) to meet Tier 4a standards!

Link-Belt X3´s take safety to an all-new level with a durable, reinforced ROPS-certified cab to comply with ISO regulations to give the operator piece of mind when operating. A rear-view camera can easily be viewed on the full-color HD LED monitor. In addition, two mirrors have been added to the rear of the machine for increased visibility… talk about safety!

X3 Series Excavators X2 Series Excavators

Spin Ace Series

LBX Company's Spin-Ace® excavators feature a minimum swing radius so your customers can get in and out of the tightest job sites. These excavators are ideal for urban construction sites, traffic-restricted road maintenance or other jobs with limited maneuvering space.

Built with simplicity in mind, these excavators are no-nonsense workhorses powered by dependable Isuzu engines. Spin-Ace® cabs feature wide, low-noise interior space, excellent all-around visibility and comfortable operator's seats.

Additional features like the One-Touch Decelerator make these machines conservative with fuel while extending their operating life.

Spin Ace Excavators