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RemoteCARE® Telematics Now Included on Link-Belt Excavators with No Subscription Fees

November 29th, 2018 (Lexington, KY)

 title="RemoteCARE Telematics"LBX Company announced that RemoteCARE® telematics are now included on all Link-Belt excavators with no subscription fees. This coverage is retroactive and applies to all RemoteCARE-equipped X3, X4 and 40-Series forestry machines sold or leased after April 1, 2014.

RemoteCARE provides timely and reliable machine performance data along with the monitoring of daily service and maintenance needs. Additionally RemoteCARE offers a 24-hour machine surveillance option (Geofence), with auto tracking capabilities. All machine operational data can be easily viewed on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly schedule.

Similarly RemoteCARE can help catch maintenance issues before they happen – driving more efficient management and repair operations. RemoteCARE also can provide email-warning alerts signaling potential failure conditions may be occurring or about to occur. When a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is detected, a warning message appears on the machine display, and an e-mail message is automatically sent to the user.

RemoteCARE offers a number of security measures to safeguard equipment from damage or theft. The system visually maps machine locations and updates the location coordinates every 2 hours. Locations can be viewed on the RemoteCARE web browser. If a machine is moved outside of an active Geofence perimeter, a warning alert is issued and automatic location tracking begins. Upon the next machine shutdown and startup, the engine operation is severely restricted. Accordingly, if a machine is started during a non-scheduled curfew period, a warning email message is sent out and the tracking function automatically activates.

LBX Company also recently announced a convenient Smartphone app, now available to put the power of RemoteCARE at a user’s fingertips. Features of this user-friendly tool include machine location, fuel consumption, fuel efficiency, utilization report, analytics snapshots, idle rate, and DTC notification history including a favorites list. The app is available for Apple and Android phones and tablets.

For more information, visit RemoteCARE or contact the nearest authorized Link-Belt Excavators dealer.

About LBX Company

For more information, contact: Paul Wagner, Marketing Content Manager at

LBX Company LLC is the proud maker of Link-Belt hydraulic excavators, scrap/material handlers, demolition equipment and forestry equipment. These products are sold through a large independent dealer network located throughout North and Latin America. LBX’s subsidiary company, LBX do Brasil, distributes these products in Brazil.

LBX Company is a division of Sumitomo (S.H.I.) Construction Machinery, a world-wide leader in construction equipment innovation and quality manufacturing based in Chiba, Japan.

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